Admission Process

In order to enroll at your site, students should submit an application to your site as well as any documents your site requires. Once your site approves a student for enrollment, he or she will need to complete the SEU admission process.

Enrollment Stages

Students are categorized in the following stages as they complete the admission process.



A prospective student who has expressed interest in the degree programs available at your site


A prospective student who has submitted an application but who has not completed the admission process


A prospective student who has completed the application process and who has been accepted


An accepted student who has confirmed enrollment and is ready to start classes and participate in your site's program

Admission Documents

SEU’s application process consists of the following items:

Students will not be considered for admission to SEU until all documents have been received.

Review timeline: It usually takes about two weeks for a student’s file to be reviewed for admission, so please encourage students to plan ahead.


  • Make sure students use the exact application link provided (http://www.seu.edu/apply/ext).
  • Make sure students know your official site name to select on the application drop-down menu.
  • If you have not received a student’s application, it is highly likely the student applied to the main Lakeland campus instead of using the proper link above. Contact SEU’s Office of Admission at 800.500.8760 to reassign the student’s application to your site.
  • As a reminder, students must complete all required documents before their file will be reviewed. The admission checklist list can be viewed here.

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Contact Info

Leandra Rivera
Lead Extension Site Admission Counselor

Madelyn Cantrell
Extension Site Admission Counselor