The following are some of the most common forms and digital resources your site will use as you launch your marketing efforts and recruit students for enrollment.


Marketing Resources

The resources provided below may be used by sites as long as all items using these are reviewed and approved by the SEU marketing office PRIOR to launch. You can also request marketing materials from SEU on the marketing page.

Approved Logos

Sites are permitted to use the unique logo provided to them by the office of Enrollment Marketing (ie. Southeastern University at Passion Church). Two logo options are available for use. Logo will be provided in full color, black, and white versions. For another file format or branding questions, please contact SEU marketing at svramos@seu.eduNote: If your site has a separate ministry program and would like to create a logo, you must first receive approval from the office of enrollment marketing. This logo cannot incorporate SEU’s name or logo elements in any way.


Available Photos

The following photos may be used on extension site marketing materials. The use of these photos on non-SEU material is prohibited. Click on image to download.



Promo Video

Use this video to promote SEU’s partnership with your church or organization. This video may not be edited.

Video B-Roll

Appropriate clips may be used from this video in your own promotions as long as the SEU marketing office reviews and approves the use of your video. The use of this video footage on non-SEU material is prohibited.

Marketing Approval Process

Reminder: All items must be reviewed by SEU marketing prior to their use. SEU reserves the right to request the discontinued use of materials that were not approved or do not follow its marketing guidelines.
*Due to state authorization requirements/fines, sites should not begin marketing until approval is given by SEU.


Sofia Ramos
Senior Extension Site Marketing Coordinator