SEU Directory

Many SEU offices work with extension sites and regional campuses to provide guidance, resources, and information throughout the year. Below is a list of the SEU employees you will be working with most often.

Executive Leadership

Title Name Phone Email
Vice President for Unrestricted Education Nick Wallsteadt 863.667.5000 ndwallsteadt@seu.edu
Regional Site Executive Steve Saccone 650.440.3758 ssaccone@seu.edu
Regional Site Executive Rusty Gerhart 425.263.2121 rngerhart@seu.edu

Center for Regional and Extension Education (CREE) Academics, Operations, & Student Support

Title Name Phone Email
Executive Director,
School of Unrestricted Education
Andrew Miller 863.667.5656 aemiller@seu.edu
 Site Support Coordinator  Joyce LeMasters  863.667.5656  jmlemasters@seu.edu
Compliance Coordinator Amarilis Vazquez 863.667.5466 acvazquez@seu.edu

Enrollment Management & Marketing

Title Name Phone Email
Executive Director, Site Development & Enrollment Mgt. Dr. Mike Cuckler 863.838.5246 jmcuckler@seu.edu
Strategic Development Coordinator Joe Hepler 863.667.5292 jjhepler@seu.edu
Director of Enrollment Leandra Rivera 863.667.5185 llfurtado@seu.edu
Admission Counselor Madelyn Cantrell 863.667.5171 mrcantrell@seu.edu
Admission Counselor Bailey Baeder 863.667.5425 bpbaeder@seu.edu
Admission Counselor Preston Morter 863.667.5226 ptmorter@seu.edu
Senior Marketing Coordinator Sofia Ramos 863.669.4455 svramos@seu.edu
Marketing Coordinator Victoria Bardega 863.667.5574 vbardega@seu.edu

Academic Advising & Financial Aid


Title Name Phone Email
Director of Academic Advising Carla Collins 863.667.5012 cdcollins@seu.edu
Financial Aid Counselor Ivery Gillespie 863.667.5332 igillespie@seu.edu
Financial Aid Counselor Andrew Kelley 863.667.5485 amkelley@seu.edu
Financial Aid Counselor Branden Hull 863.667.5559 bthull@seu.edu
Financial Aid Counselor Keely Fogarty  863.667.5295 kafogarty@seu.edu