Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout the process of establishing yourself as a site, many questions may come up regarding admission, marketing and financial aid. Please feel free to review the information below for the most common questions.

It depends. If they have acquired less than 60 college credits, they will need to submit a final high school transcript in order to be eligible for federal financial aid.

If the student has taken college-level English and math classes, then he or she does not need to submit scores. If the student has not taken (or passed) these classes, he or she will need to submit scores to avoid being placed in a developmental math and English course.

Yes, transcripts for both college and high school need to be requested from the institution and sent directly to Southeastern University at 1000 Longfellow Blvd., Lakeland, Florida 33801. All transcripts must be sealed.

Students have multiple options for turning these pieces in.

Once a student is accepted, the Office of Academic Advising will complete an audit of his or her transcripts, and he or she will be able to view it on the Student Information System. The student can also request a preliminary degree audit through email.

After a student is accepted, he or she will receive an award letter emailed to his or her SEU email within two weeks. Financial aid cannot be determined prior to acceptance.

No, because extension site students receive highly discounted tuition rates, they are not eligible for institutional scholarships. These scholarships are for main campus students. Extension site students are eligible for federal aid by submitting the FAFSA.

Yes, students should make their financial aid counselors aware if they have Florida Prepaid funds, and the financial aid office will guide them through the process.

The student should email admission@seu.edu and request to be changed to the extension site campus of his or her choice.

July 1 is the preferred deadline to complete the application, but we offer rolling admission throughout the year.

SEU marketing works closely with the extension site development liaison, Joe Hepler, who works with each site to develop its marketing strategy. To get started, please complete the DNA survey.

Trifold brochures can be ordered by completing this form.

Access to print, photos, video b-roll and other marketing resources can be found here.

If SEU is designing and printing the piece, the process from start to finish usually takes at least three weeks (design, approval, printing and shipping time combined). SEU’s design services are offered as a complimentary benefit to sites, but printing and shipping are charged at cost directly to sites (except for the initial 500 trifold brochures for new sites). Please plan print announcements at least three weeks ahead!

The first step in applying for aid is filing the FAFSA. This must be completed each year, and the easiest way to file is online at fafsa.ed.gov. The priority deadline for SEU is April 15, and our federal school code is 001521. The financial aid department does not know how much aid students are eligible to receive until their FAFSA has been completed.

The most common financial aid awards available are the federal Pell grant, subsidized and unsubsidized student loans, the parent PLUS loan and, for Florida residents, the Florida Resident Access Grant (FRAG). Students will receive a tentative award letter from SEU’s Office of Student Financial Services that outlines their expected financial aid for the year once the FAFSA has processed successfully.

Students must log in to Net Partner to check their status and complete the financial aid award process. If it’s their first time logging in, they’ll need to choose “First Time User” and then use their student ID to set up a password. Otherwise, they can use their ID and password to sign in and explore their financial aid information.

Unfortunately no, these positions are only available to main campus students.

Southeastern has partnered with Tuition Management Systems to offer a 10- or 12-month payment plan (depending on the first date of payment) for helping students manage educational expenses. The plans do not charge interest, only a $70 annual enrollment fee. For more details about payment plans, students can visit seu.afford.com or call 800.722.4867.

Students can go to our Student Information System and click on the student finances tab. Next they should click on “My Account Info” and then “My Account Balances.” This will show them at a glance what their current account balance is. For a detailed breakdown, they can click “Course and Fee Statement.”

Students do not have to wait until all their financial aid has disbursed before they can buy textbooks. If students have completed all the requirements in order to receive their aid, they can complete a Fire Card transfer form to transfer money from their expected surplus financial aid to their student account. Students can request to transfer funds by clicking here. They will need to use their student login credentials in our to access our MySEU portal.

This form, which is required each year for all Southeastern students, is found in Net Partner under the link “Apply Online” once logged in. Completing the student information sheet determines students’ eligibility for many financial aid awards.

Student will need to connect with their assigned academic advisor to see if they are approved to take summer courses. Since the normal extension program does not allow for taking summer courses, the extension site office only approves courses for certain situations.

Due to the nature of how schedules are set up for nontraditional students, the disbursement timing of certain financial aid awards is affected. Federal and state grants, such as the Pell and the Florida Resident Access Grant (FRAG) will not be applied to students’ accounts until after the start of second session/term classes. If students’ schedules are set up so they are taking half of their courses in the “A” term and the other half in “B” term, these awards will not be applied until after enrollment has been verified for the B term. However, the timing of loans and other aid will not be affected as long as they are enrolled at least half time (six credit hours) for the A term.

The university does not offer institutional and merit-based scholarships to extension students due to the greatly reduced cost of the extension programs. Students are still able to apply for private scholarships, grants and loans and have those applied to their accounts at SEU.