Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment at Partner Sites

Dual enrollment at Southeastern University is an opportunity for high school students to
earn college credit while also completing their high school requirements. Please note: If you attend a partner site that is outside the states of Florida and Ohio, you will need to apply through the SEU Main Campus Dual Enrollment link.

Program Overview

    • Partner Site courses are 8-week classes. In-person and online classes are offered through our Partner Sites and are offered in Sessions A and B.
    • Partner Site tuition is $157.50 per credit hour.
    • Students must be at least a Sophomore in high school and have a cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher.
    • No tests or transcripts are required.
    • Any Freshman (1000) or Sophomore (2000) level courses that do not require a prerequisite can be taken.
    • Courses are requested each semester as part of the application process. High School Sophomores may take up to 6 credit hours per semester, Juniors may take up to 12 credit hours per semester, and Seniors may take up to 15 credit hours per semester.
    • View courses at Course Schedules by selecting the Term, Division: Undergraduate, and Campus: your location or online.
    • For specific course questions please contact dualenrollment@seu.edu.

How to Get Started

  1. Apply Now and select your partner site.
  2. Take the Placement Exam (if required by your state).*
  3. Check your application email for confirmation of course registration.
  4. View your schedule on your JICS account under the Student tab to find your classroom location.

  5. Pay tuition on your JICS account under the Student Finances tab.
  6. Once registered, begin checking your SEU email every day for important information.
  7. Purchase your textbooks by visiting the bookstore website.

*For more information, see frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to re-apply for dual enrollment each semester?

Yes. You will need to submit a new application with classes for each semester and/or term before you can be registered for classes. Example: if you are registered for a course in Session A and decide several weeks later while the Session B add/drop period is still open to request a course for Session B, you will need to reapply to be registered for the Session B class.

What if I don't want to earn concurrent credit?

If you want your courses to apply for both high school and college credit, you will need your high school guidance counselor’s signature on your agreement form (parent signature for home schoolers). You do not need your guidance counselor’s signature for non-concurrent enrollment (courses do not apply to high school credit). Email dualenrollment@seu.edu with any questions.

How do I find out who my site director is to get more information about dual enrollment at an extension site?

Please visit SEU’s partner website to select your site at the bottom of the page. Once you’ve selected your site, scroll down the page to retrieve all contact information for your designated site director.

How do I get more information about Southeastern University?

Please click here or call our Office of Admission at 863.667.5000 for more information.

Want More Information?

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