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SEU at New Hope Christian College

Eugene, OR
Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida partners with New Hope Christian College to offer students an affordable, accredited*, Christ-centered educational experience. With flexible class options and hands-on learning opportunities, Southeastern University provides students with a pathway to discover and develop their divine design.
Faith-Based Academics
We believe your story is part of a bigger purpose. Our classes are intentionally designed to prepare you for your career while offering insight through Biblically-based perspectives.
Experiential Learning
Sometimes the greatest learning environments are found outside of the classroom. We equip you to succeed in your chosen field through on-site practicum opportunities.
Christ-Centered Community
Our culture is all about people, and during your time as a student, we create experiences that allow you to interact with people from all walks of life.
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Education through SEU
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What Can I Study?
Online Programs
Southeastern University's Associate of Ministerial Leadership is an online degree that allows students to develop their knowledge of theology, the Bible, spiritual development, church ministry, leadership principles, and ecclesiastical operations. Students satisfy the credentialing requirements of ordination through the Assemblies of God as part of the program. All courses are transferable into Southeastern’s Bachelor of Science in Ministerial Leadership.
The Bachelor of Science in Business and Professional Leadership (BSBPL) degree is designed for working adults. It provides a combination of basic leadership theory and business managerial concepts to enable graduates to advance in their careers. This online program consists of 120 credit hours: 56 credit hours of general education courses, 37 credit hours of business and professional leadership courses, and 27 hours of general electives (or between 15 and 24 hours of practicum credit in ministry or the marketplace). While traditional business degrees prepare students for business and leadership careers, the BSBPL degree emphasizes the application of the soft-skills and the decision-making aspect of business to various professions.
The Bachelor of Science in Digital Media & Design degree provides an overview of creative design and communication, including digital media, research and writing skills, digital design theory and application, marketing analytics, and web design. This online degree equips students to lead others and excel as a communicator, designer, and marketer. The program consists of 120 total credit hours: 56 credit hours of Foundational Core studies, 37 credit hours of major core courses, and 27 credit hours of general electives. The major core includes 19 credit hours of digital media core, 15 credit hours of digital design core, and three credit hours of digital media and design electives.
The Bachelor of Science in Ministerial Leadership — Christian Ministry track (BSMLM) provides a broad, robust foundation in theology, the Bible, spiritual development, church ministry, leadership principles, and ecclesiastical operations. This online program is a total of 122 credit hours. Fifty-six credit hours are designated to Foundational Core education in addition to 24 credit hours of general electives and 42 credit hours of ministerial leadership core courses. The final 18 hours of the BSMLM major core focuses on key pastoral competencies: sharing the Christian faith, preaching, church leadership, spiritual formation, and pastoral care.
The Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree provides students with fundamentals in psychological and integration principles. Topics of study include personality, development, abnormal psychology, research methods, and more. Students will learn to incorporate their Christian faith into their work and prepare for paraprofessional fields that require a psychology or behavioral science degree. In addition, they will participate in supervised field experience and conduct and report empirical research in the field. This degree is also ideal for a student considering pursuing a master’s degree in a helping profession such as counseling. This online program is a total of 123 credit hours: 56 credit hours for Foundational Core courses, and 41 credit hours of psychology major core courses, 9 credit hours of psychology electives, and 17 credit hours of general electives.
A Bachelor of Science in Worship Ministries degree sharpens students’ musical, technical, and leadership skills while formulating their Christian worldview. Students will explore audio and production, directing, and songwriting along with theology, pastoral skills, and biblical studies. This program is a total of 120 credit hours: 56 credit hours of Foundational Core courses, 48 credit hours of worship ministries core courses, and 16 credit hours of general electives. Extension site students participate in on-site Worship Ministerial Practicum each semester for a four-year period. These courses count as general electives.
Tuition: $8,136.00
Tuition covers the cost of your classes only; books and fees are additional. Tuition is charged per credit hour. Tuition listed is based on 15 credits per semester (for 2 semesters) with the practicum scholarship applied.
Site Fee: $1,500.00
The site fee covers expenses related to student development and classroom facilities. The site fee is charged at a flat rate per semester. The annual fee (2 semesters) is listed.
Technology Fee: $350.00
The technology fee covers the cost of facilitating online classes. This is a flat rate per year.
Annual Total: $9,986.00
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Aaron Cordeiro
Southeastern University is a Christ-centered institution of higher learning, based in Lakeland, Florida.
We are committed to providing a Christian college education designed to equip the next generation to go into the world as influential servant leaders in their careers and their communities. We extend this mission by partnering with churches and organizations to reach students where they live and work.
Helping You Succeed Beyond Graduation
Our goal is to equip you for success as a student and beyond. SEU partners with Handshake to help our students find internships, land their first job, and get career advice.